Rencontres inattendues

Rencontres innatendues Romane Riquier

Romane Riquier Rencontres innatendues

Romane Riquier Rencontres inattendues

Romane Riquier Rencontres inattendues

Rencontres Inattendues, 2017, 26,5 x 11,5 cm, édition
Unexpected Encounters, 2018, 11,4 x 17,5 cm, artist’s book

Ces extraits de textes sont issus de l’édition Rencontres Inattendues. Il s’agit d’un projet débuté en 2017 à travers mes déplacements. Les textes naissent grâce au «destin» et ne peuvent jamais avoir été prévu en amont. Il ne s’agit pas là de voyeurisme en tant que tel, mais plutôt de saisir les moments fugaces que l’ouïe a perçu involontairement. Si j’étais là, peut-être vous entendrais-je.

Prologue extracted from the book Unexpected Encounters

The following texts were created aft er my trips. It is not really voyeurism, but rather capturing fleeting moments that ears accidentally perceived. Th e texts published only aim at marking time, the one no one can recall. I decided to lay these anonymous texts on the door handles of some people’s front doors. Th e reader, to whom these texts taken from moments of life are addressed, becomes the owner of a narrative, the one in which they could be the main character. In a way, this sharing device allows to give someone what I got from someone else : a story. If I was there, maybe I could hear you.